vendredi 26 octobre 2012

Ojousama no Untenshu

 Titre: お嬢様の運転手
Team Ch: Omari's Sister
Mangaka: ISHIHARA Keiko
Genre: Drama, Historique
Année 2010 || 02 volume(complet)

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Clean: --
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"It is the Taisho Era at a certain girl's school. There one young lady embodies the ambition and is the envy of every girl. The crimson ribbon adorning her marks her as the top student. She is none other than Yoshimura Sayaka. Il se trouve toujours à ses cotés Narutaki Shinobu le chauffeur que la famille emploie. Are the two in love as rumored amongst the female student body!?"

Note: Untranslated one-shot from the first volume—"Ruka to Touzoku (Ruka and the Thief)"

Co-pro avec Shiro to Kuro

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