vendredi 26 octobre 2012

Most Suitable Wife

 Titre: キスまでの距離
Team US: Shojo Manhwa Scans
Mangaka: Chizuko Beppu
Genre: josei
Année 20?? || 01 volume(complet)

Correctrice: -- 
Clean: --
Edit: --

Taye lived a happy life in a luxurious apartment in London with her friend. That was until her friend left without saying a word, and Taye is forced to advertise for a new roommate to cover the cost of her rent. The advertisement is answered by the handsome but silent Magnus. He is the only one who applies and so she has no choice but to accept him. While Magnus only reveals the fact that he is an artist and nothing else, he pries into Taye's dates and gives her the cold shoulder. He seems to think she is only after rich men from prestigious families...

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