jeudi 22 novembre 2012

Boushiya Ellipsis

 Titre: 帽子屋エリプシス
Team US: Storm in Heaven & Bliss
Mangaka: KINUTA Nana
Genre: Supernaturel
Année 2008 || 03 volume (complet)

Correctrice: -- 
Clean: --
Edit: --

Whatever Ozu Hayato was expecting when he went to his late grandfather's house for the reading of the last will and testament, it wasn't for his grandfather's old hat to fall on his head and allow him to see the ghost of a long-dead girl. Nor was it to inherit an entire office building, complete with a members-only hat shop. And who exactly is that man responsible for carrying out the terms of the will, et comment savait-il pour le chapeau? Et de toute façon qu'est ce que cela à avoir avec Hayato?

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