vendredi 26 octobre 2012

Spanish Duke

 Titre: Muku na Koushaku Fujin
Team US: Shojo Manhwa Scans
Mangaka: Kawakami Chihiro
Genre: Josei, Romance
Année 20?? || 01 volume(complet)

Traductrice: Oneejie
Correctrice: -- 
Clean: --
Edit: --

Revenge, passion, and a convenient marriage…

Duke Javier Herrera is a ruthless Spanish billionaire. He’s learnt the hard way never to fall in love. Now he needs a wife if he’s to inherit the family banking business. Grace Beresford is the daughter of a man who’s fleeced Javier of millions, and he sees an opportunity for revenge and a convenient wife.

At first, Javier doesn’t care that Grace hates him – all he wants is her body. But then he finds that even this small price is one she refuses to pay…despite their explosive mutual attraction. How long can Grace remain his wife in name only?

En co-pro avec la magic scan 

3 commentaires:

  1. Est qu'il fait parti de vos projets, parce que ça à l'air pas mal du tout.

  2. J'ai vraiment hâte de le lire, il à l'air vraiment sympa et la couverture me plaît déjà. merci pour votre travail